DERIVED, Next Gen Multi Chain Synthetics Trading Platform


Derived finance is a Decentralised Multi-Chain Asset Protocol giving users the access to trade Stocks, Commodities, Forex or Crypto on a single platform with unlimited liquidity and no slippage. Derived brings the power of Smart Contracts to the world of derivatives trading acting as a bridge between traditional and digital financial markets.

The Derived platform will be built primarily on Polkadot that means that it instantly inherits all the interoperability, security and scalability features of the Polkadot Architecture. The cheap and fast transaction time on Polkadot solves the issue of high gas fee of the other blockchains. Also, Derived will be a multi chain platform that means the users on popular blockchains, like Ethereum, BSC etc., will still be able to access the platform from any major blockchain. The platform is built to scale over all major blockchains while retaining the cheap and fast transactions.

Derived is the first and only multi chain Synthetics trading platform that plans to support Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Avalanche to begin with and will add support for all major chains in the future

Leveraged Minting

Mint xUSD (the platform native USD) with upto 3x leverage

Hybrid assets

Buy collection of assets like ETH, BTC, Tesla, Gold or anything as one single Hybrid Token

Binary Options

Bet on the asset if you think price going up or down

Multiple Native Currencies

Derived will support multiple currencies to let user trade in their native currency while being able to trade on global derivatives

Global Platform

Trade your favorite Stocks all over the world without any Centralized ownership or censorship.

Unlimited Liquidity of Assets

Essentially unlimited liquidity using using peer to platform smart contract trading and without any requirement of counterparty order matching.

The Derived native Token, also known as DVD, is the main token of the Derived protocol, Derived tokens have the following utility in the protocol.

Staking and Minting

The users will be able to stake the DVD tokens to mint the Synthetic stable coin, also known as xUSD. This xUSD token will be the only platform stable coin for accessing all the platform features. The staking of the DVD tokens and minting of xUSD, allows the platform to operate and maintain the liquidity on the platform. The greater the number of staked DVD tokens, the higher will be the availability of xUSD, that is required to access the various platform features like Synthetic DEX, Lending, Borrowing, Hybrid Tokens, Binary Options etc. By staking DVD tokens and minting the xUSD the platform users would be eligible receive the staking rewards.

Platform Fee

Users can trade the xUSD minted from staking DVD for various derived assets on the platform or access other platform features. For every transaction there is a small fee (usually 0.3%) collected from these trades. A portion of this fee will also be distributed to the platform users who are staking DVD tokens. The fee will help incentivize the platform users even after the staking rewards are over.


The Derived platform will be completely decentralized. The tokens holders and the community will be able to reshape the future of DERIVED with the use of decentralized governance. The holders of DVD token will be able to participate in the governance and vote on proposals on the platform. Governance will allow the holders to present new proposals which can then be either ratified or rejected by the community members. The Governance voting would be carried out by holder of DVD tokens, thus more the DVD tokens held by an individual the higher will be their influence on the voting.


The $DVD token will be distributed with three different rounds, a seed round, a private round, and an IDO (public).

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 15,350,000 tokens

Initial Market Cap: $960K

For full information on the Vesting details — READ HERE


  1. AU21 Capital
  2. GSR
  3. Nabais Capital
  4. Poolz
  5. Genblock Capital
  6. Blocksync Ventures
  7. Dweb3
  8. Titan Ventures
  9. BTA Ventures
  10. AW3 Labs
  11. Gainz
  12. DCI
  13. Signal VC
  14. OccamFi
  15. Blackdragon
  16. 18 Ventures
  17. CryptoDormFund
  18. UniLend
  19. Certik
  20. DarkPool Ventures
  21. Market Across


Derived Finance is the first and only true Multi-chain Synthetics Trading Platform. The platform is built on Polkadot that allows it to have high throughput and efficiency at its core. It is a horizontally and vertically scalable platform that would be accessible across various blockchains as well as across multiple platforms. It offers a unique bouquet of features like Leverage Minting, Hybrid Tokens, Binary Options among many others.

The project is also gearing up for the TGE, and will will be conducting its Dual IDO on Poolz on 13th of October and on OccamFi on 14th October 2021. The TGE contract along with the vesting contract is ready and currently being audited by a Top notch Smart contract audit firm.






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