Keeping In Track With StaFi

StaFi protocol has never relented over the months especially since they released their roadmap which will drive the project to mass adoption and also usher in the project to a new horizon.

The team has done well so far and have been launching products back to back which includes the rFIS, rETH etc while other products are still underdevelopment, StaFi has moved forward to attract other stronger projects as partners that will join the StaFi ecosystem. The most recent partners of StaFi are Easy_Finance and Tidal, these project has joined StaFi inorder to work together for a common objectives.

In these article we are going to discuss the objectives and mission of these partnerships


StaFi Partners with EasyFi to introduce Staked Derivative Assets Money Markets on Layer 2 DeFi


  • Collateralized rTokens from StaFi on EasyFi will allow users to lend & borrow staked derivative assets on the EasyFi platform — Hence enhancing liquidity further in DeFi.
  • This will open up new avenues of yield generation for EasyFi users and also allow them to borrow stablecoins from EasyFi’s borrow markets.
  • EasyFi Network, is the first lending protocol on any Layer 2 network to list staking derivatives of staked assets as collaterals.
  • This partnership is Stage 2.0 of the #DoMoreWithDeFi vision of EasyFi Network, to continuously work towards maximizing the utility of crypto and other digital assets through our platform.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with StaFi, the first DeFi protocol for unlocking liquidity of staked assets. This collaboration will initiate new collateral markets on the EasyFi lending protocol with the inclusion of multiple rTokens e.g. rFIS, rETH, rATOM and others as collaterals.

How EasyFi plans to foster the partnership with STaFi

Here is a summary of what we are planning to do in Stage 2.0 of #DoMoreWithDeFi:

  • rTokens minted on the StaFi network will be listed on the supply markets of Protocol V1.
  • rToken holders can then supply them into the corresponding token markets and earn yield on the same.
  • On supplying the rTokens, the users are eligible to borrow from the stablecoin markets on EasyFi.

About rToken

StaFi & EasyFi

Also commenting on this integration, Young Liam, Founder, StaFi stated: “We hope to work with Easyfi on bringing the brand-new reward-generating asset rToken into Easyfi ecosystem, and enabling users holding any of these reward generating tokens to be used as collateral to take loans on easyfi. We will see the great synergies between Easyfi and StaFi in the near future.

Tidal Finance partners with Stafi Protocol to provide Asset insurance and increase platform security

Through this partnership, Tidal Finance will bolster security of Stafi’s platform and help launch its initial coverage pool.

Integration of Tidal asset coverage features with Stafi Protocol

Tidal Finance will adequately protect the smart contracts created on Stafi and develop a mechanism that provides additional yield as the insurance/their incentive can be built in. The Stafi team also intends to create future integrations into yield optimization features.

Value proposition of the Tidal-Stafi partnership

“I am excited to work with Stafi to offer mutual cover pools to ensure more confidence in the Stafi platform,” said Tidal founder Chad Liu.

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