At time of writing sentinel dvpn is trading at the price $0.042 on Ascendex, Osmosis, MEXC and Hotbit and at 24 hours trading volume of $4,725,855. Sentinel Dvpn has the total circulation supply of 4,918,694,146 billion token and the total supply of 10.6 billion token.

Sentinel is delighted to announce its 3rd centralized exchange listing on kucoin in 2021, and marks Sentinel’s first ‘Tier 1’ exchange listing. The DVPN / USDT market is now live on Kucoin!

  • Trading: 10:00 on September 27, 2021 (UTC)
  • Withdrawal: 10:00 on September 28, 2021 (UTC)

The Sentinel ecosystem is committed to getting the DVPN token listed on the top CEXs and compatible DEXs. As the utility of the network increases and the requirement for dVPN applications becomes more apparent, more Tier 1 CEXs will recognize the merit of the Sentinel ecosystem and will list the DVPN token.

Win a Share of a $50,000 in DVPN Prize Pool!

To celebrate Sentinel (DVPN) being listed on KuCoin, we will be launching a campaign to give away a reward pool of $50,000 in DVPN to qualified KuCoin users!

The campaign will run from 10:00:00 on September 27, 2021 to 10:00:00 on October 4, 2021 (UTC).

Activity 1: Net Deposit Competition: Win a Share of $10,000 in DVPN

During the campaign period, the first 200 users with a net deposit volume that reaches 3,000 DVPN or more on KuCoin will share a $10,000 in DVPN prize pool, users can win up to $60 in DVPN! (Limited to 200 spots, first come, first served!)

Read more here to see how rewards will be distributed;

Activity 2: Net Buying Competition, Win a Share of a $25,000 in DVPN Prize Pool!

The top 30 users who have a net buying volume (buys — sells — withdrawals) of 20,000 DVPN on KuCoin will win a share of a $25,000 in DVPN prize pool!

Read more here to see how rewards will be distributed;

Activity 3: Lucky Pool With Low Threshold, Win a Share of $15,000 in DVPN!

KuCoin will run a lucky draw for users who have a trading volume that reaches 3,000 DVPN or more and add the DVPN/USDT trading pair to their Favorites List.

300 lucky users will evenly split a $15,000 in DVPN prize pool, and each user will get $50 in DVPN!


  1. Net deposit volume = deposits — withdrawals;
  2. Net buying volume = buys — sells — withdrawals;
  3. Trading volume = buys + sells;
  4. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the Sentinel activity;
  5. The top 30 winners of the Activity 2 will not be eligible to receive the Activity 3 rewards;
  6. KuCoin will update the top 10 rankings of Activity 2 before 13:00 on September 29, 2021 (UTC). The final rankings will be updated within 5 working days of the campaign ending;
  7. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days of the campaign ending;

About Sentinel.

Sentinel is a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for bandwidth sharing. Sentinel enables anyone to create a Virtual Private Network and have access to the distributed bandwidth resources where users become both providers and consumers in the network.

Sentinel supports base layer dVPN protocol that is open-source and private by default. Exidio is an organization building custom applications on the Sentinel dVPN protocol. By encouraging developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on Sentinel, Exidio supports Sentinel’s decentralized privacy mission while stewarding developers who build on top of the Sentinel protocol. Together, Sentinel and Exidio represent a paradigm shift for establishing provable privacy in dApps built for Web 3.0, the decentralized web.

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