The Brains Behind Cryptomining Platform


Since the inception of bitcoin/cryptocurrency, cloud miners has been in the picture making sure they sustain the life span of cryptocurrency through solving a computational problem which allows them to chain together blocks of transactions (hence Bitcoin’s famous “blockchain”). For this service, miners are rewarded with newly-created coin and transaction fees.

To make mining profitable, organizations like CRYPTOMINING company have invested a great deal into research and development of more advanced solution algorithms and more efficient pieces of hardware. Some organizations have gone so far as to move their mining rigs to rural dams and countries where electric power supply is less expensive.


Cryptomining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining service that was founded in April 2015. The company has farms where state-of-the-art mining devices are installed to dig coin variants based on the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism. It is aimed that the users who want to earn income from mining will invest in the platform and become a profit partner as a result of the excavated coins. Users who can dig any kind of cryptocurrency will get rid of the difficulties and disadvantages of mining. As Crypto Mining, we take many responsibilities such as running mining devices, meeting operational costs, taking security measures, and meeting energy costs. In this way, our primary goal is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to all and to establish a secure ecosystem with motivation for the continuity of decentralized networks.

The company took their first step of operation in canada, offered the ideal conditions for crypto mining. North America and Canada are still one of the best places in the world for mining, thanks to low-cost electricity, cool temperatures, and high-speed internet. For this reason, Cryptomining concentrated their operations at the following locations.

  • canada
  • state of georgia
  • iceland
  • norway
  • china
  • russia


Behind every success is a great combination of experienced people from other specialties. As Crypto Mining, our team has been the strongest part since the installation. Technology-leading developers, respected business people, researchers, operators, business development experts, technology gurus and a huge family growing in 6 countries.

MORGAN FINCH; is a hands-on leader and technology expert focused on providing specific tactics and strategies to sustain efficiency and increase profitability on cryptocurrency mining. He has worked with numerous brands, from Fortune 500 companies to reputable startups including Google, Microsoft, SONY, NFL, NYU, P&G, Fleet Bank and NASA. Morgan sets the stage for a proactive work culture, and personally reviews every facility around the world to ensure the Crypto Mining team generates results.

Daniel Powell ; the chief technology officer (CTO) of Crypto Mining. He joined the cloud-native journey assuming responsibility over the building and scaling decentralized technology and cryptocurrencies. Before joining Crypto Mining, Daniel served as CTO and senior vice president of engineering at leasing IT companies, the vice president of R&D for mobile computing. He also led development of a number of very successful open-source and B-to-B products at Sun Microsystems, served on the Board of Directors for SendGrid, and has a number of patents. Daniel successfully leads the team for the management and continuity of technical operations at Crypto Mining and leads numerous research and development efforts.

James Brookes; Before joining Crypto Mining, James served as executive vice president and CFO of a leading firm, a Fortune 10 healthcare services and information technology company. During his four-year tenure, James was responsible for all of the company’s financial functions and was a member of the executive committee. James held a variety of management positions in finance and marketing operations, including leading the airline’s European and Asia Pacific businesses. He has a perspective that brings success and results to Crypto Mining with his international operational skills and high-level finance teaching. James also plays a major role in the site selection and construction of facilities


DAILY RETURN DISTRIBUTION Coins earned are reflected in the wallet of the user at the end of each day. Follow what is earned and securely store the fund.

SUPERIOR MINING TECHNOLOGY cryptomining supply the best and latest hardware for different coin algorithms, achieving maximum power with the best technology

MULTI-ALGORITHM & COINS; The platform supports many algorithms and coin types. The users are aimed to have plenty of option to choose from.

HASH POWER ALLOCATION; You can distribute the hash power you bought among multiple coins and create a portfolio for your investment

MAXIMUM SECURITY; High level of protection is provided against hacking and manipulation while only the mandatory information is asked

USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE; Mining information, platform wallet, return calculator, reports and charts. Simple as it is with minimum effort and time


Cryptomining aims to allow users to dig any coin they wish without any
physical contact or additional costs and to make continuous profits. Crypto Mining contracts are two years old. Users can track their daily return status from platform wallets during this period and withdraw their funds immediately after the commitment has been filled.

The platform offers coin and altcoin mining options working on 6 algorithms. Processors in mining facilities support all Bitcoin (SHA-256), Ethereum (Ethash), Dash (X11), Monero (CryptoNight) and Litecoin (Scrypt) algorithms. In the most basic terms, users subscribes to a package of their preference which includes hash power to dig coins encrypted with the selected algorithm, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Monero and Litecoin, and their forked altcoins.


Cryptocurrency/cloud mining has become one of the most interesting and controversial topics in the blockchain community, Ultimately, the state of mining has a great effect on each coin’s decentralized state, value and reliability. It is critically important to the CRYPTOMINIG team to understand how fair and accessible mining is in different blockchain networks.

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