To make the kind of impact tokoin is making since the launching of the project the best talented team is needed for such are the brains behind the successful project

Reiner Rahardja; CEO and Co-Founder of TOKOIN. Rahardja proved that he has a special ability of business development and all the specialties that comes with it, from a very young age. In fact, when he was just 26 years old in 2014, he generated total sales of a quarter trillion rupiah. It is achievements like this and many more, that have earned him several awards including the award for being among the top 2 successful young entrepreneurs under 40, in Indonesia.

He has assisted many young businessmen in accelerating their companies and become successful entrepreneurs. For all his contributions, he has been awarded the Indonesia Entrepreneur and Education Award as The Best & Most Recommended Business Acceleration Company.

Eddy Christian Ng, Eddy is the COO of TOKOIN. “Chief Operation Manager” he helps to oversees the functions and general operations of a company. Apart from being the general overseer of TOKOIN, Eddy is also the Co-Founder of with over 10 years experience in Business development and Banking.

Welly Salim;Chief Technology Officer” He is the another brains of the platform who has more than 15 years experience in technology development across Indonesia with an “MBA in Strategic Management”. Part of his past experiences in Technology Development is that he was the Ex Vice President of Engineering and Operation of which is now acquired by Customink. He was also the Ex Iteration Manager of MYOB which is known as “Mind Your Own Business”, this is an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting and other business services software to small and medium businesses.

Niko Tanadi; ‘Project Manager’. TOKOIN’s project manager is a blockchain investment expert with more than 10 years experience in technology consulting.. niko tanadi possesses an extra ordinary skills befitting a project manager

Adi Darda Gaudiamo; is the Head Of Creative for tokoin platform. He is the head of creative to the largest B2B marketplace in Indonesia which is with several years of experience.

Ignasius Michael; Generalist Manager of tokoin, both him and Adi Darda Gaudiamo are the former head of creative and generalist manager to the largest B2B marketplace in Indonesia which is .

Oktafia Rachmawati Putri; community manager she controls the social media channel of tokoin. she has a 4 years of experience in international relations & event management system fields and also Former Operations Manager at PouchNATION Indonesia

Mutia anisa; she is graphical designer of the platform responsible for putting up graphical representation on the tokoin numerous media platform. she has 2 years of experience in graphic designing and Former Design & Branding Executive at

Syifa mutiara Putri, she is the Event coordinator of the project, she has 3 years of experience in live event industries and Former Business Executive at ST22 Consulting.

Stephanus Andreas; He is the operations executive of tokoin, he possess a Bachelor of Accounting, Kwik Kian Gie School of Business


TOKOIN has five advisors on the team which has contributed immensely on the positive results on the project

Dahlan Iskan; Advisor. One of Indonesia’s top 100 Forbes’ list entrepreneurs, Indonesia’ media mogul, founder and former CEO of Jawa Pos Group Former Minister of the country’s state-owned Enterprises (BUMN)

Tiago Alves; Advisor. VP Asia Pacific at Aptoide, 12 Years at Portugal Telecom

Richard Yoon; Advisors. Senior Financial Analyst, Cisco Systems, Inc. CFO of Exio Communications., Inc.

HongZhuang Lim; Project consultant. CEO of ShuttleOne Pte Ltd. Former Managing Director of Pac-FungAgora Pte Ltd.

Suyong Park; Project consultant. CEO of Block Crafters Co., Ltd.


In order for tokoin team to actualize the missions of using The blockchain technology to assists business transformation and to boosting the Indonesia economy by reviving the activities of the MSMEs which is taking a NOSE-DIVE into extinction, the platform needs all the help they can get from both the advisors and the partners.

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