The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. blockchain technology enables distributed public ledgers that hold immutable data in a secure and encrypted way and ensure that transactions can never be altered. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular examples of blockchain usage, this “distributed ledger technology” (DLT) is finding a broad range of uses. Data storage, financial transactions, real estate, asset management and many more uses are being explored.

The blockchain is currently changing the whole market landscape affecting every player in the market. This also includes small and medium enterprises(SME’s). Generally, MSME’s take more time to adopt new technologies when compared to the big players. Blockchain does pose the same fate. However, the impact of blockchain on MSME’s just cannot be ignored.

While most people relate blockchain to large companies, blockchain also opens new opportunities to MSMEs in every sector to solve existing challenges and enable them to optimise their business and develop new business models. Up till recently there were several obstacles which led to slower adoption of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies by SMEs. But that is changing.


TOKOIN is the fastest growing crypto company in indonesia which optimizes blockchain technology to establish a valid identity for and reputation of MSMEs and also offers a solution that allows Tokoin’s users to establish a trusted profile with security for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

tokoin believes that blockchain technology to help revive the activities of MSMEs through the following means:

To the uninitiated, blockchain will open new venues for MSME’s. Now, they can improve their money payments and transfers. It will be more secure. Not only that blockchain will remove the need for middleman saving a lot of resources for the business.

Financial transactions can also be automated entirely. MSME’s can also use the blockchain to improve the security of their data and critical processes. As blockchain is altogether decentralized, it becomes hard for the hackers to get into the system.

MSME’s can improve their supply chain management with the use of blockchain. They will not only lead to the removal of middle-man but also automation. Smart contracts can easily handle tasks such as inventory management, order management, etc..

Blockchains will also enable MSME’s to reach the global audience easily. Banks will also have no say in business blockchain implementation. Loaning becomes easier which can allow more growth opportunities for MSME’s.

Finally, MSMEs looking to raise funds could look into the feasibility of conducting an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Although ICOs are generally used for startups, they could also be used by established businesses to attract funding from around the world. A future possibility is the issuance of regulated security tokens which would confer equity and perhaps voting rights to holders.


One of the most attractive features that blockchain has is the potential to offer MSMEs smart contracts, which not only define the terms and penalties around an agreement in the same way that traditional contracts do but also automatically execute and enforce those pre-agreed terms and conditions (but without the need for middlemen). Many labour intensive and expensive business processes can easily being replaced at little cost.

The largest opportunities could come from smart contracts, single digital records for customs clearance. Smart contracts can represent an invoice, or any similar financial document, and be used as collateral to support a loan. They would help mitigate credit risk, lower fees and remove barriers to trade.


The opportunity that Blockchain will provide to SMEs can simply not be ignored. From streamlining contracts, to supply chain and trade financing, or to getting access to alternative financing, Blockchain will allow SMEs to compete in ways never seen before. There’s no waiting around for third-party entities to provide relevant information, which also means processing fees are significantly reduced. the technology system is trustworthy and has a lot of customizable functionality that will revolutionize the way SMEs do business and satisfy customers.

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