Tokoin is a platform that establishes the identity of MSMEs as an acceptable reputation in the business ecosystem. Tokoin presents a better and modern business ecosystem that offers valuable partnerships to address inclusive growth. As a platform, Tokoin captures and processes business information from the users as a valuable asset, which, in our ecosystem, translates into a marker for trusted reputation of the MSMEs as our users. This enables them to access previously inaccessible financial business services from providers, which act as our partners. Therefore, Tokoin links the business and financial sectors to launch a scheme of financial inclusion. The partnerships formed in Tokoin will subsequently contribute to the national economic growth.


he Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises play a vital role in the economic development of a country. This sector also act as the nursery and breeding ground of entrepreneurship and innovation. These enterprises through their effective, flexible, innovative and efficient entrepreneurial spirit play a key role in the economic development of the country. The MSME sector contributes heavily to the manufacturing output of the country. Moreover it significantly contributes to the generation of employment and accounts for a major share of industrial growth and export. The MSMEs have been globally recognized as an engine of economic growth and plays an important role in promoting equitable regional development. In India the MSME sector is highly heterogeneous in terms of the size of the enterprises, variety of products, services and levels of technology. The sector also provides employment at lower costs as compared to large industries but also helps in industrialization of rural and backward areas. MSMEs contribute nearly 22% of the country’s GDP, 45% of the manufacturing output and 40% of the exports. After agriculture they provide the largest share of employment. Today, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are operating across the sectors utilizing available domestic resources and producing more than 6000 quality products. The major contribution of the sector has been towards employment generation. The MSMEs has been the spine of the nation. They have generated huge revenues and have contributed significantly to the country’s GDP, Manufacturing output, export output and has been instrumental in employment generation also.

Key Highlights of the MSMEs Sector

 MSME contribute about 38% of Indonesia’s manufacturing output.

 MSMEs are the backbone of the GDP of Indonesia. Their contribution to GDP is around 7.5%.

 MSMEs manufacture over 6000 products ranging from traditional to high- tech items.

 The sector provides employment to around 50 million people.

 MSMEs contributes around 30% of Indonesia’s total export.


MSMEs are very crucial for the economic growth of Indonesia but the sector has been facing different types of challenges. There is severe dearth of support from the concerned Government departments, banks and financial institutions. Key challenges are:- a)

Lack of availability of adequate and timely credit.

High cost of credit.

Low production capacity.

Collateral requirements.

Limited access to equity capital.

Ineffective marketing strategies.

Lack of access to global markets.

Problems of procurement of raw materials.

Lack of skilled man power for manufacturing, services, marketing etc.

Inadequate infrastructure facilities including power, water, roads etc.

Low technology level and limited access to modern technology.

Multiplicity of labour laws and complicated procedures associated with compliance of such laws.


Tokoin understand the need to tackle the issues facing the msmes in order to build a perfect ecosystem that will improve expansion, A key area of Tokoin’s work is to accelerate MSMEs by providing convenient access to finance and finding innovative solutions to unlock sources of capital. We make use of the blockchain technology on our platform, combining digital identity and digital ledger to build MSMEs’ credit scoring and to increase their economic scale. This technology has a similar function to a bank account for its transaction recording. However, the blockchain grants the users direct authority to share their assets to whoever they trust.

With the proper technological implementation, we facilitate the MSME sector to embrace economic inclusion. The idea is to bring prosperity to MSMEs. In this modern business ecosystem, Tokoin allows MSMEs to have financial records similar to those of the banks. Every transaction that is initiated on Tokoin’s platform is accurately recorded with timestamps.

Therefore, Tokoin facilitates MSMEs to have a better record of financial transactions as a form of credit history to build the credibility status of their business. The transaction history of the MSMEs can guarantee feasibility for them to access various business solutions.


The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has been playing a vital role in propelling the economic growth. It has contributed consistently and significantly to GDP and employment generation for the past five decades and till now continues to do so. However this sector has been facing a lot of challenges which are impeding its growth and expansion. Joint efforts are needed from the Government and the MSMEs to acquire technological effectiveness. The Banks and the financial institutions should take proper initiatives in the sector of MSMEs. This sector needs to adopt a proactive approach where the Govt, should propose a long term strategy to sustain themselves in the changing economic scenario. Solving these challenges will enable us to achieve a growth rate of 8–10% in future.

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